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RoundUp, Glyphosate and Monsanto: saturating America since the 1990s

It has been a busy year for the biotech giant Monsanto, as well as everyone attached to its cash flow - from the network advertisers to the lobbyists.

In the United States, Monsanto's weedkiller RoundUp has been featured in an advertising blitz on networks such as ESPN.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, Monsanto lobbyists likely pushed the European Union to approve RoundUp for public use. The EU decision overturned an earlier ruling that had limited the application of RoundUp there due to suspected links between the product and various health hazards, including cancer.

Monsanto lobbyists also managed to ink out an agreement that eliminated a mandate for further testing of RoundUp by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Thanks to Monsanto's power and pressure on the U.S. legislature, the United States has been saturated with the primary chemical in RoundUp, Glyphosate:

But now Monsanto's empire may be collapsing.

With the mainstream media fixated on the Russian-Trump…

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