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The magic of Kek, its links to prophecy and its impact

Following the blue-moon event known as Brexit, the truly impossible happened: frogs began flooding the landscape and destroyed the presidential hopes of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The first such frog appeared on an imageboard known as 4chan. The frog had the haircut of Clinton's opponent, Donald Trump, and was ostensibly endorsing Trump's Mexican border policy:

Over time, frogs supporting Trump began popping up all over social media. Eventually, one of them won Trump's personal endorsement.

The shitposting (mass posting) continued.

By September 2016, Clinton gave her "basket of deplorables" speech. Clinton's remarks triggered a new wave of memes featuring frogs, Trump and his supporters:

Insisting that one frog, named Pepe, had been paired with Nazi imagery and was a symbol of hate, NBC, The Hill, Vanity Fair, CNN, the Daily Caller, the Daily Beast, Time, Heat Street, The Economist, the Clinton campaign, the Anti-Defamation League and even universities an…

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