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The truth behind the equality of the sexes

Today is International Women's Day, a day when we support women around the world and their quest for rights and individual freedom.

As we look at the women in the Muslim world and acknowledge their oppression, it is often implied that what we have here, in the West, is not oppressive. But whereas the Middle East makes women into something that suits men, the West makes men into something that suits women.

In the traditional, Islamic Middle East, women have to cover up, wear traditional dress and be escorted in public. Thus, men have no sexual temptation in public and the private sphere becomes a place of private, sexual sensory overload. Arguably, this is in the interest of the man, so he can focus on business outside of the home without distraction and enjoy the fact that all but a very small part of his women is, by default, reserved for him.

Now let's look at the West, where sex commercialism is everywhere, toying with male senses, feeding their hunger. Women wear a…

Swedish company "Telia": cucks, it's normal for woman to leave family to fuck black migrants

Notice how it never is the other way around: telling men to leaving their family homes (which would make more sense, considering women like the one in the commercial have their best looks behind them by age 25-30, but that's a little secret our culture tries to hide).

Any male who supports this system is a gutless coward. While we have our excuses, the bottom line is our ancestors would be laughing at us. Fucking pathetic.